Mobile learning through

interactive workshops


Workshop Content

Unique to the goals and needs of the client

Incorporating our four key values:
Whanaungatanga, Whakahaumako, Whakatipu and Wheako

Examples of workshop content may include:

  • Mihimihi – Basic introductions and acknowledgements
  • Whakahua Correct pronunciation of words and letters
  • Karakia A range of prayers 
  • Waiata – A variety of songs
  • Pepeha – Introducing yourself and your connection to landmarks
  • Rerenga Kōrero – Constructing basic sentences
  • Tikanga – Understanding how customs and language correlate
Māori language workshops

Interactive workshops

What does participation in Te Hao Services programmes offer?

Our mobile-based and online learning programmes run interactive workshops within a range of settings.
Through participation, learners have the opportunity to strengthen their:

  • Contribution towards preserving one of New Zealand’s national languages 
  • Commitment to upholding the partnership of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Development both professionally and personally
  • Understanding of the significant role that language and culture plays in identity
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Connection to and meaningful relationships with others

Our programmes

Teaching approaches are designed to be safe and uplifting for the learner to enable them to do their best. Consideration of preferred learning styles, the pace of teaching and the provision of suitable resources are all key factors in our planning and teaching.

We aim to

Encourage the use of the language and practices both inside and out of the workshops

Broaden participants’ awareness and respect of diversity

Grow competence and confidence in communicating and relating with others

Inspire and motivate the continuation of Te Reo Māori at the end of the programme

“delivered highly engaging and tailored lessons that have built our staffs confidence and ability.”

Amiria’s classes have involved her building an understanding of our staffs learning needs and their level of prior knowledge. She has developed and planned material for each class, and delivered highly engaging and tailored lessons that have built our staffs confidence and ability. When staff have needed extra support to keep up, Amiria has built revision classes to consolidate our knowledge, and provided direct feedback to each person to improve our understanding. The classes are built around interactive games, waiata and activities, so that we are learning from eachother, in an encouraging and supportive environment. The classes have been very successful and in total we have had approximately 80 students learning Te Reo Māori with Amiria.

Caroline Greaney

General Manager of Civil and Constitutional Policy, Ministry of Justice