Growing confidence and connection through Te Reo Māori

Te Hao Services

The name Te Hao represents a place that is about bringing together, a variety of skills, experiences, knowledge and expertise in a particular field, that would offer teaching and learning opportunities for all people, of all ages.  

Ā mātou Uara / Our Values

Te Hao Services is a teaching and consultancy organisation focusing on a bright future for Te Reo Māori me ona tikanga.

Through individualised programmes, Te Hao Services provides avenues to inspire all learners to be engaged in the revitalisation of the Māori language. We believe our four key values of Whanaungatanga, Whakahaumako, Whakatipu and Wheako are crucial to the success of our language programmes.


Learning is meaningful and fulfilling through positive connections and healthy interactions.


Learning enriches potential through enhancing and strengthening skills, attributes and a sense of identity and culture.


Learning nurtures growth in awareness and understanding and strengthens respect for and of others.


Learning happens through experiences that are interesting, interactive, educational and engaging.

What We Offer

A passion for sharing Te Reo Māori and tikanga Māori with others.

THS is an online and face to face service, offering teaching and learning opportunities for a range of learners. THS works with government agencies, businesses, community groups, pupils and staff in schools and early childhood programmes to strengthen and increase the use of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori in their unique environments.

A safe, fun, friendly environment to learn Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori.

A customised programme unique to you and the goals of your group or organisation.

An increased confidence and ability to use and understand the language and customs.

A heightened awareness of the significance that culture and language have in shaping one’s identity.

Mō te whānuitanga o Te Hao

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Te Hao services strive to find the best methods of teaching that enhance and uplift the learner.

“I know staff found these sessions very rewarding.”

At all times I witnessed Amiria’s natural teaching ability, she is well-organised and responds to the students with warmth and good humour. Amiria also developed a programme for our staff to explore Te Reo Maori and Te Ao Māori that was carefully planned to meet the needs of individuals.

She gently encouraged us to use Te Reo in the lesson and apply our learning in our day to day interactions with students and was also kind and thoughtful to those of us who struggled with the pronunciation.

I know staff found these sessions very rewarding. A reflective practitioner who is always thinking about how she can refine her teaching and thinking how to best meet the needs of the those she is teaching, whether they are staff or students, Amiria was at all times, professional in her approach. We feel very privileged to have her working with us.

Megan Kenan

Staff, Whitby Collegiate